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01 August

Arghbone, Chapter One

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Chapter 1 - Oggok, 10 years ago.

>Me most strongestest Oggah from whole Clan! You no match for mighty me! Stop discus… stop talking!<, Gallo shouts towards his son. Bouncer Gallo Blargh is indeed a mighty Ogre. He has hands big as frying pans and arms as thick as trees. Unfortunately, he is not the brightest candle on the pie. However, what he lacks in intelligence and charm, he makes up with his scary shape. No man in whole Oggok would ever want a brawl with him and he knows that.

Gallo turns towards his wife Gnorma and mumbles: >Next time stoopid son makes Gallo angrie, me gonna STOMP him!<. The Ogre woman pats his back and calms the upset giant.

What Gallo has in his arms, Gnorma has in her head. She was once nominated “Oggok’s most smartestest Oggah” – unfortunately, she did not win the award, because no jury member was able to read the name in the envelope.

Eight years ago, Gnorma and Gallo bought a small clay hut in uptown Oggok and a little later, Gnorma gave birth to a son with the wonderful name… Argh. Born with the incredible strength of his father and the brilliant intellect of his mother, Argh would become a born leader. Already in Kindergarten, little Argh dominated the other Ogre toddlers, those who did not to bow to his will, were beaten up or insulted in a very unpleasant way. He grew stronger and stronger than any other Ogre in his age and still was he far more smart than everyone else he knew.

>But Dad! Me will become more stronk than every otha Oggah! Argh will be leader of Oggok Bouncers one day! Me very ready for adventures!<, teenage-Argh shouts back to his father! >Okay stoopid Argh! We both go into the Feerott and me show you how dangerous the real world is.<

After a two-hour march in the foggy forest of Feerott, the both Ogres reached the entrance of a huge dark cave. >Dis is cave of Nooglah, biggest snek from whole Feerott! You go in, stomp Nooglah and bring me head of snek! If you can mek it, me respects you. If not me things you not stronk!<. A cold shiver ran down Argh’s hairy back but he said: >Ok Papa, me gonna stomp stoopid Snek and bring you head!<. He then entered the dark and spooky cave.



Ha, what a cliffhanger, eh? I bet you are like “Uhmygaawd! What is gonna happen to Argh in the cave of Nooglah the Snake?!“ – Ha! Ima tell you in the next epidsode of Arghbone! Stay tuned!


Sunday we farmed PoSky, not much to mention here beside the veeeery smooth kills. I mean, first time Odul, our beloved leader, did not participate on a Skyraid and we rekt the plane super gud! Gratz to Hyperion for his 41% Haste Belt and for Mortalis for his Crystal Mask!


Yesterday we went to instanced Fear and we finally cleared the whole zone in under one hour! Afterwards we moved on to the Plane of hate to kick Innofuuk butt even harder than before! Grats to Rambow for his AoN, grats Brox for the Slime Blood of Cazic-Thule, to Kirua for his Bloodstar Pendant, to Malloran for his Ring of Pureblood and to Tomodanu (the man with the golden voice) for his Pauldrons of Powaah!



(Fuck! Red texts are BS! Need to change chat colors!)

Much love! <3

28 July

Happy Birthday Blackballs!

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While I took today’s morning dump and browsed Reddit and our guild’s forum, a little notification got my attention:


Happy Birthday “Blackballs Shaved”, I wish you all the best and hope you gonna get laid a thousand times! Gratz to lvl 34!


Wednesday we again went to the Plane of Hate to kick Innofuuk and his minions in their stinky butts. After a first flawless victory against the God of Hate himself, we again went to his zone in the instanced mode. Everything went good as usual; I would nearly say boring as fuck. Routine. No fucking match for the European Steamroller… when suddenly: “Summerbird tells the Raid: Clerics camp!” … WHAT. THE. FUCK?


We, world’s most successful European Guild wiped at Innoruuk! We got rekt. The officers’ chat went crazy: “What has happened? Who can we blame? How could the guy that we farm for two months now kill us, a 72 people raid with full gear?” … We found an answer: It was all REGEN’s fault! The blue haired suicide Dr00d that throws his otherwise useless body into every deathtouch he finds and pleases the rest of our raidforce with his ridiculous shout messages… was not there! So what happened? Some RandomGuy#1 attempted to eat the initial DT while the clerics were still lom, tanks not fully buffed and half the raid was still watching Family Guy on Netflix. Inny touched RandomGuy#1 but stayed in his lair. He gave like zero fucks. Chaos came upon us and we wiped! Thank you Regen!


In a second attempt, he ofc fell and we got some nice lootz: Grats to Smaaben for his Encyclop… his Book! To Lannister and Odul for their Bloodstar Pendant, to Kirua for his Sode of Empowerment and to Letank and me (Woohay!)  for our Cloaks of Scales!


Yesterday was Dragonday – not much to mention here, they died preeeetty smooth. Glückwunsch Kartryn für deinen tollen Cloak of Flames!


I forgot to mention that we got two new officers. Theldranus and Vanvittig are now in charge as raidleaders. They are doing great so far… I mean we never wiped at Inny before... but well :D

And the award for the most incapable photomodel goes tooooo.... CAIRN! Congratulations Mate! :D


25 July

We finished Everquest!

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We did it brothers and sisters! We are the first European Guild to finish the Everquest Classic Content on Agnarr! Let me use this news to remind us and the whole World, how amazing we are.

We started raiding on June the 5th. On that day, we wiped at Dracholiche with him still having 60% of his life. Exactly 10 days later, we already killed Lady Vox in Permafrost and the God of fucking Hate himself. Another week later Cazic-Thule and Lord Nagafen fell to the unstoppable might of Wraith Reborn. It took us some time to progress on the Plane of Sky because we did not want to hurry it, but get as many people keyed as possible, to enjoy this journey as a huge family.

On Sunday, 10:15pm CEST the Eye of Veshaan bit the dust and Wraith Reborn finished the Content of Classic Everquest.

On a more personal note: Thank you all! I never had the chance to raid back in the day. Like most of you, I am a married, hardworking (lol) grown-up (LOL) man. However, I can say for sure that I did not have this much pleasure with any other video game in the last 10 years. Thank you all!


Now let me please do some shout-outs:

First off all to Moon, Nerull, Scarpa and Tetsu. These people are having a 100% Raid Attendance since our first Raid!

To Regen for eating a shitload of Deathtouches in a fucking hilarious way (sorry for the poor image quality):

To my officer collegues and Odul for making this possible to any of us.

To Philidanu because I know he loves to read his name.

To our non-raiding members for their awesome behaviour, for accepting decisions and for their patience.

And most importantly to all of you who still enjoy kicking ass on raids. You guys are awesome!


I am so much looking forward to upcoming expansions. One day I will tank Quarm!


My video editing skills suck, but I did my very best to show you some highlights of the last 2 months:

Wraith Reborn – The European Steamroller

21 July


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On Monday I started a bet with my co-worker – the first one to lose 12% of his body weight wins. Lost 3,5kg already – am totally leading, ofc! Why I tell you that? No clue, but am hungry as fuck. Pro low carb recipes in the comments appreciated!


Now let me use this platform, which reaches thousands of people from all over the world every week, for a little poem I wrote in the last three minutes:


There is this guy called Bob, he never had a Job.

In fact Bob is a jerk and too lazy to work.

He stays all day at home. Of course Bob was alone.

His only joy was gaming, but bullshit was his aiming.

That’s why he played an MMO and made himself a highelf hoe.

He’s playing EQ all month long and did not even wash his dong.

In his Guild he is the king, no-lifer there, that is a thing.

Now Bob’s day is organized, but internet is highly prized.

Kronos is what Bob desires; he will surely find some buyers.

He sells loot rights for the JBoots, sometimes even for the raidloots.

Bob now makes a thousand bucks, good thing he gave zero fucks.

PS: Fuck you Bob.


Wednesday was Hate raid – nothing worth mentioning. We got gud. Grats to Grozob (my favourite Stamina buffer <3 ) for his Cloak of Scales and all others for their racial drops!

Yesterday we extended our weekly dragon kills day a little:


The Dragon drops were really meh. But grats to Even for his White Dragonscale Cloak! After Innofuuk, Lady- and Mandragon were dead, we went to the Hole. We first killed Massah Yael in open world and then started a race – Even raidgroups vs odd raidgroups for instanced Yael. Well… what can I say? The odd raid rekt Yael two minutes earlier than the even raid… Totally no fake news!



Big shout-outs to ma bois from yesterday’s voice channel <3

18 July

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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Unbelievable – after just 96 hours of raiding, we found an item, which our 100%-Raid-Attendance-Enchanter Moon wanted!  Moon is an awesome person to have on a raid. He barely talks, if he talks he is always super nice, he is just always there, delivers and still gives a shit about all the phaet lootz! According to rumours, he might be a bot... Anyway, yesterday was Moon’s day! He actually bid 4 DKP for this stunning Insidious Halo. Congratulation Moon! I later asked him how he feels now with his first raid loot. He answered: “Don’t even need that hat” – Haha – classy Moon :D


Sunday was Sky raid – The Sky raid I announced as the one on which we finally clear the EverQuest Classic content… we started hot, but then we ruined it totally lol. We were so focussed on killing Bees, Unicorn and Birdos, that no one thought about talking to Sirran, on Island 6, to spawn Sister of Spire on Island 7 (/facepalm). To be honest, that was all totally planned because anticipation is the greatest joy… isn’t it? (Odul made me write that). Next Sunday Eye of Veshaan gets rekt! Anyway, we got some nice stuff again: Grats to Miniatyr for his Crown of Elemental Mastery, to Calanla for is Selo’s Drums of the March (wohoo, even faster taxi now) to Odul for his Mystical Back Straps and Kobal for the next Spiroc Wingblade!


Yesterday was Fear raid, but we started on Hate to kill Innofuuk once more in open world. Who needs batphones when you dominate a whole timezone? (Just kdding Faceless, you are of course superior /obey :D). Big shout-outs to Kirua for the most awkward God-pull ever, laughed my ass off. Inny dropped nice stuff as useall. Can’t list all, but grats to Falista for his Triumphant Mask and Zendien for his Engineer’s Ring. After Inny, we killed some Minibosses on Hate. Grats to Chesney for her Necro Pet Focus!


After a short stop at the Hole – grats to Summerbird for Brell’s Girdle - Wraith Reborn started their weekly Fear rampage. Either RNGsus blessed us or the instanced bosses just drop better. Dracho dropped the third BCG in a row and CT pleased us with the fifth (!!!) AoN in a row. Congratulation to Koobon and Megatron!


We also just gave away the 650th Item for DKP. Which is a huge number. Congrats all looters!


Love you lads and lesses! <3



14 July

Lady Vox pet has been slain by Argh!

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Let me start this awesome news update with something that is not awesome at all and nothing I would make bad jokes about (Like I ever made a bad joke, lol). Two officers decided to leave us. The first one is Kurway, he was one of our Recruiting Officers and one of the most chilled guys I met here. Kurway decided to quit Agnarr, because he wants to join his real-life friends from Darkwind on Phinny Server. Good luck and loots mate! Come around if you feel chatty.


The other one is Elrad, our very active and funny DKP officer. He joined Odul long before Agnarr launched and totally helped him to build the guild we have today. Just when he started to learn how to tank properly instead of just standing around and chatting, while we others raid, his real-life forces him to leave us. Elrad will fight an other battle first now, and then hopefully return :) . I hope you read this Big El. You know we all like you a lot and we wish much power. Come back whenever you feel like! <3 You rock mate!




Ok, after I wiped my tears away, let us talk about yesterday’s farm-run: Lady Vox got rekt with her stupid pet proccing weapon in mouth! … Sorry, I usually try to avoid bad words, but the fucking bitch has really been an asshole to us two weeks ago, when she wielded her shitty Mistwalker Scimitar for the first time (see old news for further details). When we went for her yesterday she was again proccing Pets that hit for 20000 dmg each hit. But we were prepared! … at least on the second try.


[Thu Jul 13 21:06:37 2017] Lady Vox pet has been slain by Argh!
[Thu Jul 13 21:06:39 2017] Lady Vox pet has been slain by Argh!
[Thu Jul 13 21:06:49 2017] Lady Vox pet has been slain by Argh!
[Thu Jul 13 21:06:52 2017] Lady Vox pet has been slain by Argh!
[Thu Jul 13 21:06:52 2017] Lady Vox pet has been slain by Argh!


How we did that? I will tell the whole world: Use damage shields pals! Ladydragon got totally damageshielded to death. The second fight was a cake. The loot was preeeeetty good aswell! Grats to Tigi for her White Dragonscale Cloak and way more importantly: Grats to me for my more than deserved Runed Bolster Belt (PST with offer 10Kr+ :D).  After her we melted Mandragon but his loot was just meh and not worth to get mentioned here. Afterwards we moved to the Hole: Grats to Kathryn and Theldranus for their next epic piece.


Speaking of Theldranus, the guy who pushed the DKP higher and higher for my Belt, did some cool suicides this week:



11 July

Greetings from the world's largest active European EQ guild!

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Not only are we the most successful, best looking, highest rollin’ European guild on Agnarr, but ALSO the largest active European Everquest guild in the world (Source: I assume so, probably Fakenews). This and the fact that we are on the best way of becoming a big social family lead me to some math I did and I came to the conclusion that Wraith Reborn will kill Quarm most likely on June the 3rd 2018, 9:35pm CEST (Grats to Future-Argh, nice tanking bud!).

What we did the last days was more or less business as usual. Cleared Island 1 to 6 in Instanced and Open World on Sunday, killed Queen Beezeeteezee or whatever and did a fast CT-run in fear yesterday. Nice drops on both days. Grats to Blackballs for his Amulet of neg-potence, to Natureboi for his BCG, to Clearpath for his Tree Hugger's Mantle, to Zendien for his Birdfeather Cloak, to Artacan and me (wohoo!) for our Spiroc Wingblades (Buffing Serpent Sight at Shady - Donations appreciated! :D ) and big grats to Letank for his 41% Haste Belt!

However, for me the biggest highlight during the LAST TWO DAYS (lmao) was our Suicide Drood, the man, the myth, the legend: Regen the Selfkillinator. Since he joined our raids, the main tanks have no longer problems to build up initiate aggro, because all early nukers are rofl’ing IRL. See yourself:


Also here is a video of him eating his last DT yesterday! :D



08 July

European Steamroller

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I should admit, that I was about to be lazy this weekend and nearly deprived you, my honorable reader, of this awesome news update. But, like the nice buddy I am, I will of course let you participate on our adventures. Not much time to make bad jokes today, since my Waifu waits for me right now, we are going to speedrun Banjo-Kazooie today (Wohay!).

Wednesday we did Plane of Hate and we rekt that plane. Not shitting you, raid was over nearly as fast as it began. Just little DKP but nice loot: Grats to Harleen for her (he is in fact a dude, but who cares about genders in 2017, KappaPride) Bloodstar Pendant, to Grozob for his Skinner’s Belt, to Durby for this awesome Triumphant Mask and to Grimgore ( Me Oogah freind :] ) for his Earring of Bashing!

And now please fasten your seatbelts and make sure there are no expensive things in your arm reach. Ladies and Gentlepeople… CHECK! THIS! PICTURE!!!

I have not saved any money or effort just to show you this awesome graphic. What you see on this picture are our victims from the Thursday Night Rampage! We first took our revenge on the white Ladydragon, for last week’s raid-of-shame, then we moved on to kill the red Mandragon. Two Cloaks of Flames dropped! Grats to Kobal and Philidanu (am just nice, the truth is we all hate you now). Afterwards we jumped into the Hole to let Summerbird eat a DT from Yael, just to then move to open world Plane of Hate, to kill Inny and his Pianist! What a show! I will not post all loot here, but please let me direct some words to open world Innofuuk: … Are you f*cking kidding or just trolling? Three Dwarf Cloaks and another cloak that has the same icon  as the Dwarf Cloaks, so I assumed it were four Dwarf Cloaks?! Booo!

That’s it, time for Banjo.



29 June

Inny got dedded again!

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Am I the only one who gained 2.5kg since the launch of Agnarr? Four times a week Junk food and no movement do claim their tribute. I mean, I still look beautiful and am sure you guys do aswell. However, my wife already mentioned that my belly size increased a little. Nevertheless, EQ is still awesome!

Yesterday we raided Plane of Hate like the mad men we are. Only the rezzing of pullers and enchanters sometimes interrupted our mob massacre. Phaet Lootz everywhere! Gratz to Dreven for this nice Rakusha Cloak, to Tigi and Altrus for the Darkbrood Masks, Scarpa and Kheldorian for their Eye of Inny, Clearpath for the Hodor Bracer and Madtech for his Brewer’s Mesh Cloak. Afterwards we visited Yael in open World for some loamy dirty robes.

Very good job everyone (Veshnoo and Kodaris only Capslock screamed at us six times, very decent)! Today is Vox and Naggy Raid. Let's kick some more Dragon butts!

Shout out to Falista for his heroic suicide Inny pulling. You will never be forgotten.

28 June

3... 2... 1... Gone!

Argh 5 Comments

First, I would like to let you know that I read a guide about picture editing in MS Paint. Of course, you all noticed that the quality of the new picture improved immense! Next guide I plan to read will be about tanking. However, that might take some really long time. I lent that book to Elrad and told him to hand it back once he mastered the material…

To topic! Our internal Auction House opened yesterday (Wohooo!). You can buy all the uber loot that no one in the raid could use, for DKP! If no one bids any DKP on an item, it will be available to buy with Coins! Please read the rules by Odul. Also if you own any precious items, that you would like to donate to the guild bank, send a tell to any officer, contact us in Discord, the forum or use your pocket Gnome to deliver the message. The guild bank will use these coins to buy gems and other stuff that will help us on future raids.

You might have noticed that our recruitment grid changed a little. We are quite a few people and right now, we aim to fill the last spots in all classes, to build a strong raid force for all upcoming encounters. We will most likely not close recruitments for a lot of classes, but set them on "Low" which in fact means that we keep accepting applications from exceptional players (luckily I joined before that :D). For classes that are set to Medium or High: We do only accept players with lvl 33+ from now on.

Monday was Fear raid – I was told that the whole zone and Cazic Thule died within two and a half hours. Very gud job! Today we will raid hate (lol… Wizards will transloc8 str8 to h8 for r8 at 8 m8 :D) and kick some other god’s butt. Also big shout-out to Thruc for being nominated as the Guildie of the Month. Unfortunately, I have no picture of Thruc but I found this 6 years old video of people falling down stairs!

Much love!


26 June

Patience is a key element of success

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Yesterday we did our third Raid on the Plane of Sky and cleared the first four Islands in Instanced and Open World – it was fun, we did really good and only wiped once, when Falista spawned a Quest NPC to finish her Fiery Avenger Quest. :D

Well, due to the fact that there are only 24 keys on every island, a lot of people are still missing their keys. But that is normal. Nowadays we got Open-World and Instances. Therefore, we get 48 keys in total. Using my infallible math skills, I can totally say that 48 is less than 90 - the number of yesterday’s attendees (Wraith Zerg FTW). Yes, when our diligent Main Looters give the keys away they do that by alphabetical order. Argh is ok with that.

However, you can do absolutely nothing about that, but hoping to get one next Sunday or you reroll a cleric named Aabbaa. By the way, talking about Clerics, 4 out of 5 Clerics are Dorfs! Where did all you guys come from? I once only had my very own bearded pocket-healer: Madtech. Yesterday I had to crawl over the ground to find my pink Rezzdorf between you other pink bearded dudes!

What else happened yesterday? Summerbird joined the Raidleaders team and lead us on PoSky. Under his command we killed a lot of stuff and some of us managed to finish their first Sky Quests. Also we found out that BBalls is no gurl! Ah and Odul failed the jump from Island 4 to 3 :D (Source: Tigi had to port us both back up). Overall, it was a good raid night.

Today will be fear raid – I will not be there, make me some good Screenshots! Talking about screenshots: I now proudly present you my photo exhibition, named: “Faces of War(riors and other classes and also some Mage pets and even elven boobs)”:

Roses are red, Dark Elves are blue – Harleen is sexy, Me love you.


23 June

Of new friends and old foes.

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One month ago the newest Everquest TLP Server "Agnarr" launched and it is about time for the first Wraith Reborn News. In consideration of the last 30 days, I can just say: I am having a BLAST and I hope you guys too!

Instances and Pickzones are awesome! Sure, some hardliners will say that "classic Eq was just so much... blahrgh." DBG did good with mixing old and new stuff. We are all grown-ups and most of the Agnarr community has a real life with working and/or family engagements.  Not needing a batphone to participate on a Dragonkill is just super cool. You can be casualish and still feel like the online hero you have been years ago! Just my 2 copper pieces.

A lot has happened since Odul has founded Wraith Reborn. Announced as a semi-casual european timezone Guild we united players from all over the World (Some dude is from HongHonk or sth like that. That is totally not in the EU). Today, we are most likely the most successful European guild on Agnarr and are on a good way to become a family with many brothers and too few sisters (Playing a female High-Elv does not make you a gurl!).

Two weeks after launch we started our raiding schedule and by the time of writing we managed to kill Phinny, Yael, Naggy, Vox, Innoruuk and Cazic-Thule and made good progress on the Plane of Sky. 

We are still looking for additional team players from different classes, to make sure that our raidroster will always be able to handle upcoming raid targets.

To be honest, our Killshot-organization-Skill (Officially abbreviated with KoS) is still below average and 2/3 of our raiders have no idea what face the Oogah that makes the Screenshot means, but I am certain that we will have the chance to improve our KoS within the next weeks, months and years.

Happy Hunting!

Your beloved Argh 

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