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15 January

Looking to Luclin

Iamas 6 Comments

Well here we are looking at the successful completion of another expansion and towards the next. We have worked hard through Velious and have each mob on farm mode and have seen the power of the guild increase exponentially. With the introduction of the AAs in Luclin we can look forward to an immediate increase in our ability to take down Velious content and we will be looking towards pushing completion of Luclin by the end of the first month of release. 

We are as ever always looking for both raiders and social members to join us in this delving into the new. We have been looking towards Luclin for a while not and Kixxi has produced an extensive and detailed guide to the content for all members. So old members and new we invite you to join us as we go forward!

24 November

A picture is worth a thousand words

Argh 7 Comments

So much has happened!

Since I have no clue where to start, let me show you some pictures of our journey through Velious. All I want to say is thank you guys! We have so much fun and still manage to get dragons, dorfs and giants killed and rob their loots. This is an awesome experiance!

If you want to be part of our community, raid with us etc. Feel free to write an application. We are NOT hardcore. Eventho we have four raids a week, we just expect 40% RA from our raiders. Right now we are looking for every class but Warriors.

11 November

Of Giants and Dwarfs

Argh 0 Comments

Velious! Velious! Velious! – I literally hear the crowd cheering. Raids are fun, items are real upgrades and encounters life longer than a minute. - What a time to be alive. Srsly mates and mattresses (This was a pun, correct Regen? :D), the hype is fucking real!

So far we did two Velious raidnights. The first one lead us to some nasty dragons in the Western Waste. We got the first raiders assigned with their Sleeper's Tomb key and already managed to find some neat loot on release day. Gratz to Koboon for the Harla Dar's Talisman and to SMOL SNEK Odul for the last dropable ore, needed to finish his uber shoulders.

The next day was even cooler. Wraith Reborn rocked Kael Drakkel. Huge Giants vs a horde of middle age nerds, that’s the stuff, good stories are made of. We killed everything but the Avatar of War himself. Gratz to Letank for his Breastplate of Erection, to Reyun for this bloody Giant Head (fucking weirdo…), to Grozob for his Vindi BP, to Infecting for his Ring of Lightning and to Lascar for his Cloak of the Falling Stars! Unfortunately the AoW showed us that he is still the boss in KD, so we moved on to Velks Lab and after a frikkin slippery trail up to Velk’s chamber we beat him up and looted all his beloved stuff.

Last target for the night was Scarface McDorf in Thurgadin. He came with some buddies, but we have beaten the shit out of them. TheldrANUS, the sicko, ripped of the dorf's head, in order to trade it in for some other shiny loot. It was a Dain in the ass to spectate... (Ha! Now this one was a real pun, right Regen? :D) This is the EQ we all learned to love. Next on the steamroll list is the Temple of Veshaan!

Stay tuned.

08 November

The Winter is here.

Argh 5 Comments

Hello fellow Norrathians and even more: Hello my beloved Guildbrothers and -sisters. First of all let me thank everyone, who kept playing actively during the last months! It is no secret that Kunark was hard for many players and many guilds and some did not finish the expansion while others went to different games or servers, some in order to return to Agnarr when Velious launches. With the Scars of Velious coming out today, I, as many of you, am back to this beautiful game.

Like most guilds, Wraith Reborn lost some players during the last 3 months. But we also have some new fancy faces in our ranks, which I can't wait to meet. As expected, Wraith Reborn cleared the whole Kunark content in era. Our first PD kill is 1,5 months ago, which, like in Classic, is a solid top 10 placement along all guilds.

This was just possible with the dedication and patience of you, our members, raiders and officers. Those of you who stood side by side to our beloved french Snek leader Odul for every single dragon kill, are the real heroes. With a stunning 100% RA I want to thank you:

Chapo, Lannister, Moon, Odul, Reyun, Sulan and Theldranus. But of course also everyone else that was with us during Kunark and everyone that had the will and patience to finish their Key to Veshaan's Peak, to help the guild kill even mowr Dragons.

The Winter is coming - a new, more challenging and diverse chapter of classic EQ opens today. We will be ready, we will be strong. We will kick Dorfs, Dragons and Doljonijiarnimorinars. Let’s hope we get to see some of the Sleeper’s Tomb and let’s be hyped for the ring wars!

Lads and Lasses, Gnomes and Ogres. I am glad to be back. I am glad you are here. Let’s be steamrolling. Let’s make Norrath great again! LET US KICK SOME AAAAASSESSS!!!!

*drops the mic*

02 November

The end is near!

Iamas 0 Comments

So we are finally reaching the end of Kunark (the most boring period of any TLP). People slaved away on the VP keys and we have officially downed the entire expansion. Thankfully we now have Velious to look forward to and we are hoping that both older members put off by the grind of Kunark and new members join us in our quest to slay dragons, giants, dwarves and tree huggers.

We enter the Temple of Veeshan,

But oh no! Odul got eaten!

We mustered a great charge,

But the foe was too large.

Hence we need more men -

Perhaps five, perhaps ten -

To save our great leader,

From the jaws of this feeder.

- Iamas (ably assisted on images and poetic endeavour by Othranc)

19 September

Wraith Reborn beats Kunark

Argh 0 Comments

Hello fellow reader. Sorry for this long time without any news update. I had some huge lag of motivation, to log into EQ, the last two weeks. So I took a – I would say – well deserved break, which also included no “Awesome News” (Beside the one super awesome news from Wecoan, thx pal).

I am still not active ingame, but my guildmates deserve some honor (honour actually, we are Europeans!) for what they achieved this Saturday! Together with our new friends from Knights of Vallon Zek, we managed to kill Phara Dar the super seksy Lady Dragon in Veshaan’s Peak and beat the current Content exactly one month after release! Shout out to everyone who managed to finish his VP key this fast (without the need to cheat like a fucking prick - /hail Trucidation) and ofc a huge shout out to Maxs and his people from KoVZ! May this be the beginning of a good partnership!

Not sure when I will write the next news. I plan to be back in EQ in a month!

Cu friends!

08 September

Gorenaire Down! VP awaits!

Wecoan 4 Comments

Just one more notch for Wraith Reborn on Wednesday evening when we took down the princess herself Gorenaire!

The snow white of the dragon world gave us a bit of trouble to begin with but after a couple of few short attempts we kicked her to the dirt with just one death! Fantastic work by all the peeps pictured above and for staying on an extra hour into your wifey time (EQ > Sex) to accomplish a swift and clean kill! Speaking of accomplishments, this kill put Wraith Reborn from joint 10th in classic to a very close battle for 5th and 6th as the best raiding guild on Agnarr! (Agnarrprogress.com). We are still NUMERO UNO in the European department mind you!

We downed our usual loot piñata mobs and boy did we have a battle for this weeks big ticket item, Congrats Nerull our DKP officer (not rigged, promise!) on his:

Now only VP awaits, and with the help of our local detective Sinbyen, getting your VP pieces has never been easier! The pieces are rolling in and it's just another couple of weeks before Kunark will be on farm status! We are still looking for a select few classes to bolster our raiding core, so if you like what you read, enjoy playing with us in-game and want to kill Phara Dar with us, check our class requirements on the left side bar!


01 September

Bonus Weekend! Woohaaay!

Argh 5 Comments

As a German, I have no fucking clue what the Labor Day, on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean, is – but I love it! +100% Exp for everyone from Today until Tuesday! The ultimate chance, for every slacker, to get his Main to 60 in no time! Unfortunately they did not announce an increase in rare spawns, but maybe the VP Key camps are a little less crowded over the weekend.


Wednesday we went for our first Trakanon attempt. Some things went wrong when we started, the smart fucker used to be stuck in, up or under a stupid stone, which prevented him to be damaged and prevented us tanks to gain Aggro on him. Still, everyone in the raid stayed cool and after a few tries, the creepy undead dragon was stomped to death! Gratz to Mortalis for his Rogue BP and to Harleen who get his last epic piece to finish the quest for the Singing Short Sword!


Thursday is dragon day. We started with VS, who was a cake. The flying Snek died really smooth. Again gratz to Harleen, for his Bard Legs! We then went for Talendor in Skyfire. Drops were quite meh, beside the one Red Scale and the Shield of the Red Dragon, Koven won. Gratz mate! After Tal died, we split the raids to get us some more Green Scales from Severilous. What shall I say? Both split raids rekt that guy, but we still only got one Scale (90% dropchance!!!). After Sev, we again split our raids and went to kill Naggy three times. No Scales, No CoF! Fuck it! The Raidnight was cool. The loot was not. Let us hope for more luck next Thursday. Still very good job, everyone.


Now stop reading this awesome news, get your ass to the Juggs in Sebilis and gain some Exp! May the force be with you and happy Labor Day!


30 August

Great fun so far!

Argh 8 Comments

Woah, no clue what I shall start with, so many new impressions! As mentioned before, we do not want to hurry it in this expansion to prevent a burnout, that often comes with Kunark on TLPs. Like most, if not all guilds, we really lost some good people due to a lag of motivation, IRL duties or whatever reasons. Our Raidcore went down from 100 to 85 people. In other words we recruit in almost all classes. If you would like to raid on European evening times and plan to clear every content in era, feel free to either read the application thread in our forum, visit us on Discord, or shoot an ingame tell to our new Recruitment Officer Regen!

Regen is a former Everquest Gamemaster, with a shitload of knowledge and social competence! We also got a new Raidlead Officer – Cristalle! Unfortunately Cristalle is a french dude and no hawd gurl! Still he is heartly welcome in the organization team and we are looking forward to the first raids he leads! Both proved themselves as great guys!

Tonight we will go for Trankanon and get us some CH Breastplates and VP Teeth. We then have every Kunark Encounter but Gorenaire and (obviously) VP on farm status.

A week ago, I thought it would be a great idea, to show a picture of every guildie with his epic. Turned out the idea was nice, but the implementation is kinda hard, as I do not feel like roaming around, making screenshots of 100 people.

Right now, I think i know of the following epics in our guild (there are probably some more I didn’t recognize, let me know in the comments, I’ll add them). Gratz to:

Cleric: Berol, Cristalle

Druid: Fiddy, Natureboi, Regen, Tetsu

Mage: Gerhart, Infecting, Liliel

Monk: Iamas, Kirua, Odul, Phay, Zyrtec

Necro: Koobon, Scarpa, Smaaben

Pala: Theldranus

Ranger: Finwe, Iphigenie, Sillken

Shaman: Wecoan

Warrior: Argh


Happy VP key farming!

23 August

Stoopid sleeping Ogre!

Argh 3 Comments

Not even a week into Kunark and some of you already done level 60 and finished their epic! What you sickos gonna do with the rest of the expansion? Right now, we have 23 Raiders with a level 60 character. And double the amount above level 58, that is awesome! We set a minimum level for each week in Kunark. Every raider should (if he is not AFK in his real life and announced that before) be at least level 52 when we start our first Kunark raid tomorrow. This week with no raiding was really just to give everyone time to reach that level. Every week the level requirement increases by 2. So in five weeks, we demand every raider to be level 60... We are semi-casual!

I must admit, that I lost count with the epics a little. But I know that Tetsu finished his Druid Epic: We had a fight with a fucking ugly goldfish on Arghisland. To those who don’t know Arghisland yet: It is the first official Colony of Arghbone and the Emperor’s summer residence and was formerly known as the Oasis in a Deserted Sea. Scarpa is the Island's Governor. Right now we are still looking for a base commander for the submarine station and a barkeeper! Island pretty, name was shit – name now Arghisland, better! So Gratz Tetsu! Also Smaaben and Scarpa got their Duck sticks! Gratz you both! And Infecting got the guild’s first Mage epic done! Gratz man!

Like I already mentioned, we start our weekly raiding schedule tomorrow. The days and the times remain the same but the targets are so stronk now! As a Guildmember you find the upcoming raidtargets on the Forum. There is a new overview thread by Wecoan.

As requested by your beloved Guildleader I will use the next few lines of text to tell you a true story.

“Hurry guyzzz! Nurga is not far away! Go, get me my epiczzz!” Odul the windy Snek commands his underlings in completely exaggerated anticipation. Harleen made a sharp turn and the heroes follow her directly into the abandoned mine. Right upon entering the dark caves of Nurga, Tigi the Wizard shouts “LUMOS!” and illuminates the caves around them. Madtech the Dorf was hiding behind the super stronk Argh, while seksy Melissandre and handsome Theldranus were following.

“The zzzleeping Ogre, I need for my epic, izzz not far, follow me Scrubzzz!” Odul shouts. “Zzzis is the plazzze where the Ogre should be. But onzzze someone killzzz him he needzzz three hours to come back.” “Boooooooring!” Argh mentions and everyone else, but the Snek, nods in silent agreement.

The heros waited for about 20 minutes when their leader announced: “There izzz a new pick open! Let’zzz head over and get the Ogre there!” -  *WUUUUSH* “LOADING, PLEASE WAIT…” Argh with his super highspeed German internetconnection is the first to enter the new Pick! He turns around and what does his shiny eyes see? A sleeping Ogre! Like the top notch teamplayer he is, he instantly tags the Mob and starts to beat the shit outta him! Tigi was second to enter the pick, sees her favourite Warrior fighting and shouts: “AVADA KEDAVRA!!” and the formerly sleeping Ogre explodes instantly!

“WTF?” – Snek finally enters the pick with his stoopid French Wood Modem – “WHY DID YOU KILL HIM=?!=!” – Argh is very confused right now: “I thought you need to loot the sleeping Ogre, Master Odul, Sir!” – "Fuck you Argh you suck!” Argh: ☹ - Moral: Poor Argh, mean Odul!

Two hours later stoopid Snek finally looted his stuff!

20 August

Kunark is awesome!

Argh 7 Comments

Sorry about the two days delay for the first AwesomeNews™ in Kunark, but I was quite busy playing Everquest and get my shit done.  I know that a lot of you now expect me to tell you how awesome I am because I was the first level 60 in this guild. To those who really think that I am such an attention whore, I can only say: You will not be disappointed! I even spend about two hours to figure out how to make the fancy moving picture, you ofc did already see :D ! Big shout out to my personal new favourite Kuwaitianian – or whatever you call these guys – Moon! Been with me for nearly every single exp from 50 to 60. You rock Moon! Love you mate.


By the time of writing Moon, Medtech, Wecoan and Zyrtec also reached level 60. Good job you no-lifers! :D Please all congratulate Koboon, who was the first to finish his epic in Wraith Reborn and maybe even the first to get his Necro epic on Agnarr! Gratz you French weirdo! Also Snek Odul 22, got his monk fists and TheldrANUS (lul) his Fiery Defender! Gratz you both!

Watching the guildchat these days is really cool. You people are having fun, getting great loot and doing leveling- or epic-progress. But please remember, that this is a Marathon and not a Sprint. No ones forcing you to be level 60 by the end of this weekend. Even if you are a raider, you got plenty of time. We are still a semi-casual guild. Be careful and do not burn yourself out!

If you have any spells, you do not need, feel free to send them to Wspells, our guildbank. Also check our GoogleDocs, if you are missing any particular spells.


I will write a longer and better news on tuesday, but now back to camping! Have fun everybody. EverQuest is awesome as fuck!! :D

15 August

The Ruins of Kunark are coming!

Argh 6 Comments

The waiting ends! What an amazing first era! In the name of all officers and your beloved leader Odul: Thank you! We really heartily want to thank every single member for the last three months. We, all together, did an awesome job and accomplished to become a very family-like, but still successful European Guild. Of course, like every other guild in every other game, we had to grow together as a team. Whenever hundreds of people, who never met each other before, gather and start something new, they have obstacles to master. The leadership does not always make the decisions you like, or you would make. They invite “Black Sheeps” into the guild, who actively try to ruin your reputation. You have attention-whores and ego-asses in your guild (HiGuys. Did someone say Fangol? :D) and many more. All that of course also happened to us. Still we managed to stay together and are now a strong and healthy guild!

Since the server launched, more than 350 individual people joined Wraith Reborn. Some of them quit playing on Agnarr, some left us and some were removed. Even if our intention was to start as a European guild, we managed to gather players from all over the world. We got people from Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, North America and even one of the 14 guys who live on the Faroe Islands! The majority of our Raiders come from the United Kingdom and France, followed by the USA, Denmark and Germany.   

Today we have a solid Raidcore of around 100 People with a Raid Attendance of over 50% and while we never plan to leave the semi-casual-raiding, we still managed to clear the whole Classic Content as a Top 10 Guild on Agnarr, which is nothing but awesome. We are still looking to fill some last spots for Kunark, so if you are a Member and want to become a Raider in one of the classes we are looking for, feel free to contact Nerull. If you are unguilded and want to become a part of Wraith Reborn, please read the application thread on the Forum and fill out our joining template.

The last weeks of every expansion are always the worst. Content gets boring. As our poll shows most of you think that Fear and Sky are both the most boring Classic Raids. Good thing we will continue doing them in Kunark *evil laugher*. Speaking of Kunark, there is a preparation Thread, made by Odul, in our guild forum, viewable by all Members. Please make sure you know what we expect of all raiders. With RoK come many new challenges and the biggest one – Veshaan’s Peak – needs every raider to do personal progress on their VP Key. There is also a thread in the Forum where you please post your own progression.

Let us rock on! I totally look forward doing it and am not even a little burned out. There is just so much to do, so much to see so what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go! You'll never shine if you don't glow! ... shit I love that song. BTT: So much to kill, so many phaet lootz and of course so many epixx to finish. For those of you who want to play directly after launch, check this guide. See you in Kunark!

Much love!



11 August

We got polls now!

Argh 8 Comments

After just two episodes of Arghbone, the show drops! Some guy (Totally not Odul) mentioned that he felt like he was browsing Arghnews.eu, not Wraith-Guild.eu and ofc we all know that is complete bullshit, but actually I somehow managed to write down my own name 17 times in the last news, including a giant-sized screenshot. Maaaaaybe he has a point and I turned into an attention whore… maybe :D So no more Arghbone! Maybe by the end of Kunark we will see a revive. But for now we will only concentrate on the last days of classic and the upcoming release of The Ruins of Kunark! With a "How to prepare for Kunark special" next Tuesday!

We got a new funny gagdet on the Website (yay!). On the left side you find our polls. We will try to make one poll a week, Till Kunark the question we need everyone to answer is: Which is the most boring Classic raid? I know, tough decision! But please give us your vote <3. We also added some more usefull Links to the Link Tab here! Tell me if you got any more.

Wednesday was Plane of Hate raid - my personal favourite for the most boring raid. For the first time we allowed Alts on raids. Some people disliked that, but cmon, we breeze through that content. Guess noone died the whole raid. Looking at the Loottable, it really looks like we are all well equipped, noone bid more than the minimum DKP for the Innofuuk racial drops. GJ Lads and Lasses.

Wasn't part of yesterday's raid. I've heard we raced the Faceless Empire for open world naggy. FE won, but that doesn't matter at all. Good that the raidleaders decided to go for the race! Fucking good job everyone! Come Kunark, we will race even more. That was just a little training! We did instanced Dragons + Yael after it. Gratz to Freshest for his White Dragonscale Cloak and to Philodanu with a new record. He managed to loot four items on a single raid! :D



08 August

Arghbone, Chapter Two

Argh 1 Comment

The cave is wet and cold; Argh shivers. Five minutes since he entered the Cave of Nooglah the Snake. “Argh see Snek??!!”, Gallo shouts, but Argh could barely hear his father’s voice from the tunnel entrance. “Me will be most strongestest and smartestest Oggah from whole Clan! Argh be dedding Snek and soon me be leader of Oggok Bouncers!” the teenager tells himself. When suddenly “Zzzzishhhh!” The Ogre turned around and starred into a pair of red glowing eyes.

“Whatcha wantzzz from meeee?” the eyes whisper. “You Nooglah! ME ARGGH! Me here to STOMP you! … Stoopid Snek!” he responds and makes himself ready to fight. “You can’t killzzz meeee. I am zeee oldest of sonzzz of Emperorzzz Ssraeshzzza! I am zzzoon to return to zeee moon and become Emperorzzz Nooooooglah!” The snake shouts and enlightens the whole cave in a red glow with his Wizard stick. Argh looks at him confused, but then regains concentration and starts his furious attacks! He grabbs his Tarnished Skullcracker and swings it wide and strong. Nooglah dodges all attacks with ease. Argh runs to a huge stone, gets on it and tries to jump and land on the snake, but Nooglah’s reactions are just too good. The snake grabs the ogre with its tail and strangle poor Argh.

It is over… Argh, the rising Star of Oggok, beaten by a Snakewizard from the moon in a cave in Ferrott. Nooglah strangulates the young Ogre even more. The Skullcracker falls to the ground and Argh is just about to lose his consciousness, when suddenly *POOOW* “YOU NOT HURT ME SON, STUPID SNEK!!” – Gallo threw a big boulder against the Snake. Nooglah let Argh fall and slides fast towards Gallo. “Dis wazzz a mizzztake!” he hisses and jumps in Gallo’s direction. The huge Ogre tries to riposte the Snake and rams his Bastardsword in the snake’s eye… But it is too late. Nooglah’s giant snake fang hit Gallo in the shoulder!

Argh slowly comes back up on his legs and weaves towards his father. “Dad! Argh bring you home! Come up!”, he yelled but Gallo was too weak. “No Argh, it too late. Me dedded soon. Snek bite is very toxi… poisonly . You go home and tell all how gud me saved you, so they call me a hero… and take gud care of your Mommy, Gnorma, ok Argh?” Gallo orders his son and passes away… “Yes Papa, me will” … :’(


Dead Ogre


Wow! What a highlight episode this is today! Awesome! Game of Thrones sucks big times compared to Arghbone! How will the people in Oggok react, what will happen to Argh and Gnorma? – Ha! Imma tell you in the next episode of Arghbone! Stay tuned!


Sunday was Skyraid, I don’t have any pictures, but believe we need none. In my opinion, it is really about time for new content. No idea how people played years of Classic, Kunark and now Velious on P1999. Three months of each era is enough for me.


Yesterday we did our weekly fear Raid. Gratz to Lannister for one of his Enchanter-Epic-Bottleneck-Items, the Head of the Shissar, which he got for 44 DKP… and AWESOME shout-out to Zerh for the Bone-Clasped-Girdle, that he got for fucking 77 hours of raiding! That’s a huge new record!

04 August

Random title

Argh 6 Comments

*** Warning life-coaching bullshit ***

Not much to write for me today, as I took a few days off from Everquest. Well not really. I just did not feel like raiding and doing officer stuff. I am sure all of you know the feeling when something that was new and magical in the beginning, turns boring after some time. You been hooked by a game, your new job, your new car or girlfriend and after a few days, weeks, months or years things change. The fascination turns into dull routine (or into a boss ass bitch!). Don’t either take this as QQ’ing or as a warning, just try to remember wise Argh’s words one day when you feel like Everquest sucks and you wanna quit it: Before you are getting annoyed by something that used to be a great pleasure, take a short break of it and regain motivation, fun and energy. I did exactly that this week. Two days off and am as powerful as before!

*** End of life coach bullshit ***


I hope you are all aware that it is just 12 fucking days till Kunark launches! Epixx incomming, mowr Dragons to dot and new level cap! Can't wait to be Darth Argh with ma two lightsabers! I hope you are all aware that we do not raid in the first week after launch - use that time to level asap. Also try to end the classic era with lvl 50 and 99% exp. There is a huge thread written by our beloved leader Odul (getting 50pp everytime I mention his name in the news, fucking attention whore :)), in the forum for members. Go check it out! Also we got some free spots in our raidroster. Members who want to raid with us can still contact Nerull in the Forum. We also reopened public recruitment for some classes, check out the recruitment grid to your left.

Not much to talk about for me, from Wednesday’s and yesterday’s raids, but from what I have heard and seen in the DKP column (also on the left site of this article) the raids went smooth and fast as hell. My fellow guildarians dedded Ladydragon, Mandragon and Yael in less than an hour, which is imo fast as hell. Unfortunately no open-world encounter was up… good for me, so you fuckers only got 2 DKP at all and I did not miss too many :D.


From what I can read in the logs: Grats to Nerull for his Pet book, to Phay for his Bloodstar Pendant and his new Cloak of Flames and to Siegfried for his Runed Bolster Belt… speaking of Runed Bolster Belt, check out this super entertaining Reddit Post :D shout-outs to Evalise, get some help!


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